1960 Plymouth Savoy Sedan

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1960 Plymouth Savoy Sedan

1960 saw the Savoy occupying the entry level position in the Plymouth Division when it came to retail sales, replacing the low-end Plaza. The Savoy would remain in this position until the end of the model’s existence, with the exception of the compact Valiant (once it was made into a Plymouth, instead of being a standalone brand).
Brand new for 1960 was the Slant-Six, which was developed for a few reasons. First, Chrysler had been working on an all new compact model, called the Valiant, and the company wanted a fresh new engine for that model, not too mention for the rest of their 1960 models offering a six. The old flathead was getting left in the dust by the competition, and it just didn’t lend itself to the new styling Chrysler wanted to employ for the Valiant, a lower hood line.
V-8 engines now came in 318, 383, 361 and the Golden Commando 395 version. Another first for Plymouth in 1960 was the use of unitized body construction, and in the six cylinder full size models, the automatic transmission had an aluminum case. 1960 was also the last year for generators in the full sized Chrysler product line -up, which included the Plymouth Savoy.
The Savoy came basically in two forms for 1960, the 2-door, and 4-door sedans, no hardtops this model year. There were 26,820 2-dr Savoys built, they sold for $2,379 in base model trim, with a V-8, and weighed 3,490 pounds. The four-door Savoy came in with a total of 51, 384 units built, sold for a list of $2,429 in base trim, with a V-8, and weighed 3,500 pounds. My 1960 Plymouth four-door Savoy, with a slant six and Torqueflite automatic, listed for $2,675, and my Dad paid $2,100 for the car at the time of purchase on June 13, 1960.

The Plymouth Savoy is an automobile produced by the Plymouth division of the Chrysler Corporation of Highland Park, Michigan.

Plymouth used the name Savoy on several automobiles. From 1951 to 1953, the Savoy name was used on a station wagon, upgrading the base model Suburban. Later (and more popularly known) was a line of full-sized Plymouths from 1954 to 1961 Ben’s Car Page Another incarnation was among Plymouth’s ill-fated downsized full-size cars from 1962 to 1964. As with the Plaza and Belvedere, the Savoy was named after an upscale hotel.

When introduced in 1954, later in the year with 1955 model paint schemes, the Savoy was Plymouth’s mid-level car and priced between the base Plaza sedans and the top-line Belvedere models. In 1959, Plymouth dropped the Plaza and replaced it with the Savoy, making the Savoy the marque’s entry level automobile and echoing the treatment of the once top-line Dodge Coronet.

In 1954, the Savoy was available as a two-door Club Coupe and four-door sedan and 2 dr Club Sedan. In 1956, the line added a hardtop coupe and the Custom Suburban station wagon. In 1957 and 1958, the line added a four-door hardtop sedan. In 1959, the Savoy was downgraded to entry level status. It lost both hardtop models, as well as the side trim and fancier interior trim it enjoyed in its original position in Plymouth’s lineup. Sales were not diminished however, as their use as fleet models by taxicab companies became so popular, that by 1960 a whole new model, the Plymouth Taxi Special, was spun off from the Savoy.

Plymouth discontinued the use of the Savoy nameplate at the end of the 1964 model year, except in Canada, where it continued through 1965. In 1965, the full-sized entry level Plymouth model in the U.S. was the Fury I. In Canada, even in 1965, the upper series was renamed to Fury II and Fury III.

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