2003 Infiniti Triant Concept Car

Infiniti Continues Its Momentum in Detroit with Debuts of the Powerful FX45 Premium Crossover SUV and Dramatic Triant concept

The world debut of two exciting performance luxury vehicles – the FX45 premium crossover SUV and the innovative Triant concept – marked the highlights of Infiniti’s press conference today at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Infiniti Vice President and General Manager Mark McNabb also announced Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the FX45 of $44,225 and $35,700 for the V6-equipped FX35 ($34,200 for the RWD FX35). The FX45 goes on sale at 162 Infiniti dealerships nationwide beginning January 24 2003.

The FX45 is the fourth all-new Infiniti product introduced in less than 12 months, following the recent launches of the Motor Trend Car of the Year G35 sport sedan and G35 sport coupe and the introduction of the all-new M45 performance sedan.

Infiniti experienced the highest sales month in its 13-year history this past November following the introduction of the G35 sport coupe. ‘Infiniti continues to bring to the market new, powerful, innovative products,’ said McNabb. ‘The strength and depth of Nissan’s recovery efforts ensure that Infiniti will continue to be a leader in performance, luxury and technology – as demonstrated today with the new FX45 and Triant concept.’

Triant concept

The dramatic Triant concept, which made its world debut at the 2003 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, captures the spirit of Infiniti and recent innovative designs such as the FX45 and G35 – sporty, luxurious and highly personal. As an exploration of a new market niche, the Triant concept is designed to fit active lifestyles. It offers a combination of performance, luxury and practicality with a high level of both on-road and off-road capabilities.

Triant’s styling offers the look and feel of a classic sports coupe, with a long, elegant hood, sharply sloped windshield and hatchback and oversize wheelwells stuffed with large wheels and tires. It also features wide, power-assisted gullwing doors and headlights that ‘guide’ the beam around turns with the aid of digital mapping data and GPS technology.

Inside, the Triant’s 2+2 cabin features an innovative sliding rear seatback that nearly doubles the cargo area when not in use, voice-based control of some cockpit features such as phone, navigation and audio systems, and a careful blending of natural and high-tech materials that redefines performance luxury amenities.

· All-new, aggressive sports coupe body with long wheelbase, short overhangs and wide track
· Dynamic, elegant styling with long hood and rear hatchback roof design
· Infiniti signature ‘double arches’ front grille and rear license plate finisher
· Wide, electrically operated gullwing doors, opening to a clearance height of almost seven feet
· Door opening sensor system to avoid hitting people or obstructions when doors open or close
· AFS headlight system with high beams which swing up to 15 degrees and low beams which swing up to 30 degrees in corners
· Dramatic Liquid Mercury paint treatment

Engine, Driveline and Suspension

· 3.5-liter DOHC V6 engine (based on Nissan’s award-winning VQ engine series)
· 5-speed automatic transmission
· ATTESA ET-S all-wheel drive system
· Front engine/all-wheel drive
· 4-wheel multi-link suspension
· Adjustable height suspension with 2.0 inches of adjustability (0.8 inches higher for enhanced off-pavement ground clearance, 1.2 inches lower for easier ingress/egress and highway driving)
· 8.5×19-inch chromed aluminum-alloy wheels with 255/55R19 tires

Interior Features
· Body-contoured front seats with carbon fiber sheet and metal finish frame
· Sliding rear seats that more than double rear cargo volume when fully retracted (19.7-inch track length)
· Three security storage compartments incorporated into rear seat structure
· Carbon-fiber electrically sliding center console cover
· Retractable 7.0-inch LCD information center display with integrated navigation system
· Surround sound speaker system with central subwoofer and headliner-mounted tweeters
· Door-mounted atmospheric lighting panels and welcome lighting mounted in the aluminum kickplates
· Rear deck-mounted lockable

Infiniti’s latest advanced concept vehicle, the Triant, made its world debut at Detroit’s 2003 North American International Auto Show on a stage shared with a former Infiniti concept-turned-production-vehicle, the 2003 Infiniti FX45 premium crossover SUV. Like the all-new FX45, the Triant is designed to provide an innovative combination of sportiness, luxury features and all-wheel drive performance in a highly personal, dramatically styled package.

The Triant’s exterior was designed as a modern interpretation of classic sporting vehicles – vehicles that expressed driving pleasure through a deeply rooted sense of beauty and elegance. Triant creates a similar feeling in a SUV through a fusion of authentic sports coupe styling and the latest in automotive technology with an emotional, Japanese-influenced design flavor.

The Triant’s doors are a wide gullwing design, stretching over five-and-a-half feet in length and opening to nearly seven feet in height. The doors, which are electrically operated and assisted by six gas cylinders each, feature lightweight aluminum construction and a special door opening sensing system which helps avoid hitting people or objects when the doors open or close. Like the gullwing side doors, the large rear hatch swings widely open, offering exceptional access to the flexible cargo area.

The inner reaches of the Triant concept’s 2+2 cabin are equally intriguing, combining flexibility for active lifestyles with an Infiniti attention to enhancing the driving experience. It was designed with the understanding that all the unspoken ‘elements’ that combine to make an interior – such as the form, details, materials, textures, lights and atmosphere – should reflect the personality of both the vehicle and the brand. For Triant, the interpretation of the ‘Infiniti feeling’ is expressed in its comfort, quality, modernity and authentic Japanese undertones.

Though a fully capable SUV – with its height-adjustable suspension and SUV-like approach and departure angles – the Triant concept delivers on-road performance to match its sport coupe-like appearance.

At the heart of the Triant is a compact yet powerful 3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve V6 engine, mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission. An advanced ATTESA ET-S all-wheel drive system provides all-climate driving ability, while the 4-wheel independent suspension combines a comfortable ride with secure road holding. The suspension also can be raised 0.8 inches for off-pavement use and lowered 1.2 inches for highway driving.

Scribbled on October 17th 2008 in Infiniti, Infiniti Triant
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