2003 Nissan Fuga Concept

Through Fuga, Nissan proposes a new direction in luxury cars. Fuga’s sporty exterior suggests its superb dynamic performance, while the interior offers roominess unimaginable in the conventional concept of a sedan.

The interior abounds in Japanese imagery and is unified in a modern design taste. From the moment users enter the car, they are enveloped in a fine-quality atmosphere that also engenders expectations of stellar driving performance.

Fuga adopts the FM (Front Mid-ship) Package for new FR-L platform that has been highly acclaimed on the Skyline and the Fairlady Z for providing supple ride comfort together with sporty driving performance. Fuga’s design expresses an optimum blend of elements such as high-quality styling and superior aerodynamics while simultaneously achieving world-class safety performance.

Upon release in America, the Infiniti M45 was heralded as the return of the muscle car – a bizarre concept considering that this most compelling rear-drive V8 powered machine comes from nowhere near Detroit. It had, and still has the credentials to do hold up to this brawny image, a big burly engine, relatively large stature, handsome upright sedan exterior with clean-cut edges, long overhangs trimmed out with an intimidating, chromed grille. Sounds like a muscle car to me.

The body is essentially borrowed from the Japanese-domestic market Gloria and Cedric, but the M45 we know features a hulking 4.5 liter V8 that serves up a massive 340 horsepower. Whats more it is a wood-trimmed and leather-lined muscle car, fitted with the best of Infinitis accommodations. But despite its power and opulence
The compelling rear-wheel drive V8 powered Infiniti M45 was heralded as the return of the muscle car .
the Gloria/Cedric/M45 architecture has aged remarkably quickly with the introduction of other new large luxury sedans from Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, but also including the threat of Infinitis own G35.

Nissans response to these new rivals was recently unveiled at this years Tokyo motor show. And the Fuga might just be the car thats shapes the automakers future luxury face. From the outside, its stylists have penned an evolutionary theme to the structured and slightly boxy M45 design.
Keeping with design influences of the M45, the new Fuga concept concept continues the modernized muscle car theme.
The muscular attitude of the Fuga is expressed successfully by the use of heavily arched fenders that peak to a delta shape before flowing down to the bulging hood. The chromed, slightly bulbous grille has grown in size, and is thinly capped at its top and bottom.

This tasteful styling accent has also been reflected in trim lining the lower front valance, side trim and the arch that spans the roofline starting at the base of the A-pillars and ending at the rear fascia. It encloses the cars crystal-clear reverse lights as well. From this rear end view the new concept continues the modernized
The Fugas luminous bright blue headlights are very clever, nicely detailed and oh-so cool.
muscle car theme with a smooth roofline that ends with a swift drop to the cars flush rear bumper, highlighting integrated exhaust tips.

Its amazing how headlights can thoroughly transform the look of a car. The relatively plain, rectangular units featured on the M45 have been replaced with far more stylish, modern L-shaped polycarbonate units. Here, a display of Nissans engineering creativity is expressed in gatling-gun-style high-intensity discharge beams, similar to those featured on the Infiniti Q45/Nissan Cima, but one-upped by a dual-beam system that shines a luminous bright blue. With accent rings, and a design that would emulate the ideal death ray for a space science-fiction
The Fuga is built on a chassis thats racked up quite a list of awards while endearing a clear-cut following in its short existence, film, the Fugas beams simply stun driver and passengers amazed with their forward projection. Orange stripes of LED lights stretch from the base out to the headlamps edge, forming the turn signal lights: very clever, nicely detailed and oh-so cool. If, as the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul, its headlamp clusters are a pretty good indication as to whats deep inside the Fuga.

The soul would be Nissan/Infinitis superb 340-hp 4.5-L 32-valve DOHC V8, ample for propelling the rear-wheel drive sedan to hyper speeds in the blink of a… headlight? The motor is one of the most powerful V8s in current production, and easily the most powerful standard engine in the midsize luxury class.

Controlling the power and torque is
A marvelous combination of high tech, high-end hand-crafted luxury is spread throughout the Fugas beautiful cabin.
a chassis thats racked up quite a list of awards while endearing a clear-cut following in its short existence. Using FM-L architecture, which stands for Front-Midship-Large, the actual engine location has been pushed back as far as possible to create greater overall balanced. Stretched to 194.1 inches in length, the FM-L is more or less an extended version of the platform shared with the Infiniti G35/FX35/45/Nissan 350 Z.

Make     Nissan
Model     Fuga
Year Shown     2003
Event     Tokyo Motor Show
Designer(s)     n/a
Type     Petrol
Capacity     n/a
Vehicle Width (mm)     1850
Vehicle Length (mm)     4930
Seating Capacity     4
Top Speed     n/a
0-60     n/a

Scribbled on December 9th 2008 in Nissan, Nissan Fuga
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