2004 Peugeot 407 Silhouette Concept

The Peugeot 407 Silhouette concept from the 2004 Geneva Motor Show was a styling exercise by Peugeot to show the customising possibilities of the new Peugeot 407. With an extreme body kit and imposing graphics the 407 Silhouette concept car displayed a three-part carbon fiber body structure, comprising the hood, passenger compartment and engine. The lightweight body sits on a tubular chassis. The Silhouette’s front and rear fenders are extended and incorporate race style venting. The 407 Silhouette concept car is modified with a rear running board, vents, front air scoops and additional headlights. The 407 Silhouette’s exterior light gray metallic paint is quiet and unimposing, this is in stark contrast to the wide white stripe running over the length of the concept. On each rear quarter panel, a lion’s head, reminiscent of the make’s history, highlights the curve of the rear fender. The very tuner atmosphere of the interior reveals a wealth of materials highlighted by a dashboard of red and black leather with controls, central glossy panel and two bucket seats in red leather and 3D black mesh. The wheel features a color screen indicating the temperature and ideal route which it plots from map information it receives by satellite and precisely coordinates it with the car’s position. The 407 Silhouette concept car is equipped with a V6 petrol engine generating 320 bhp, located in a rear-central position, mated to a 6 speed sequential transmission. Among the vineyards and magnificent churches of France lurks a company slowly gaining some long deserved recognition in the automotive industry. It wasn’t long ago that Peugeot introduced their 2004 307 World Rally Championship contender at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show. The 307’s role was to replace the formally successful 206 WRC model. Having conquered the WRC, Peugeot has gone one step even further to introduce a concept like no other. The 407 Silhouette is Peugeot’s rendition of the ultimate European Super Touring Championship car. Powered by a 3.0 liter, mid mounted, longitudinally positioned V6 which has an output of 312 bhp and 270 lb-ft of torque, the Silhouette is meant to do nothing less then to fully outperform anything it might face on a track. What’s most amazing about the 407 Silhouette is not so much it’s platform (although a true innovation in weight reduction), but rather it’s instrumentation system which encompasses a direct satellite uplink that allows the driver to calculate the most precise trajectory around the track. Using cartographic data, the driver can overlay his calculations with those which are fed via satellite. The final output is then displayed on a steering wheel mounted LCD unit. While Peugeot has yet to prove the true potentials of it’s system, the light weight tubular chassis alone will surely lead this car well ahead of the competition.

Scribbled on April 23rd 2008 in Peugeot, Peugeot 407
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