2005 BMW Alpina B7 E65 Facelift


The BMW 760i is one of the finest and most comfortable V12 saloons in the luxury segment. There is, however, a small circle of enthusiasts who yearn for the sportiness provided in a smaller car, but don’t want to miss out on an automobile in the 760 class. To achieve optimum agility and handling, Alpina made a point of basing the B7 on the BMW 7 Series with V8 engine. The V8 offers the best jumping-off point in terms of dynamism, with an ideal 50/50 weight balance, also weighing around 150 kg less than the comparable V12 model.




The heart of the B7 is a 4.4 litre V8 engine that is charged through the use of a radial (Nautilus-type) compressor. The combination of Valvetronic and charging is world first. Through the use of Valvetronic’s complete functionality, the charge is controlled by varying the valve opening depth and the boost pressure. This charging helps the Alpina engine generate impressive performance figures: topspeed is around 300 kph, with 100 kph flashing by in 4.9 seconds.




The silhouette of the B7 is markedly more dynamic and graceful through the 21 inch Alpina wheels and the rising wedge shape at the rear of the automobile, finishing harmoniously in a rear deck spoiler. With the help of the newly re-shaped Alpina front valance and spoiler, the B7 achieves a coefficient of drag of only 0.31 in the wind tunnel, helping to ensure stability at the highest speeds.




This sporty elegance of the exterior carries through to the interior. Directly in the driver’s field of vision are large circular instruments finished in traditional Alpina blue with red pointers. A warm ambience is communicated by the top-quality Alpina luxury wood ‘curled maple’ in combination with the finest leather. The B7 is guided using the new Alpina three-spoke sport steering wheel finished in Lavalina leather. Shift buttons are ergonomically integrated on the reverse side of the steering wheel.




A ZF 6-speed automatic augments the B7’s sporty nature. In Drive, it provides the ability to glide along comfortably and effortlessly. In its ‘Switch-Tronic’ mode, sporty driving is right the driver’s fingertips, especially when shifting manually using the buttons at the wheel.




The precise steering of the lowered B7, and its neutral handling, allow the driver to forget the size of this automobile. A large, dynamic saloon, it offers driving pleasure on twisty secondary roads due to its light-footed nature, as well as superior power. The wheel and tyre combination delivers excellent road-holding, with Michelin Pilot tyres (245/35 ZR21 front and 285/30 ZR21 rear). And in combination with generously-dimensioned brakes (374 mm front and 370 mm rear), phenomenal braking capability.




2005 Alpina B7 (E65, E66 with facelift)

Engine & transmission
Type: V8, Supercharged
Layout: Front Engine / RWD
Displacement (cm3): 4398
Power (bhp): 500@5500
Torque (nm): 700@4250
Gearbox: 6-Speed Automatic with SWITCH-TRONIC
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 4.9 (5.0 long version) sec
Acceleration 0-200 km/h: n/a
1/4 mile: n/a
Top speed: 300 km/h
Dimensions & Weight
Lenght: 5039 (5179 long version) mm
Width: 1902 mm
Height: 1477 mm
Weight: 1960 (2000 long version) Kg

alpina_b7_e65_facelift_12_2005-14.jpg alpina_b7_e65_facelift_12_2005-15.jpg




Scribbled on September 15th 2007 in BMW, BMW Alpina
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