2005 Citroen C-SportLounge Concept Car

In a world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2005, Citroën is unveiling a fresh interpretation of the grand touring car, in phase with new trends in automotive pleasure.

Its distinctive styling features powerful, aerodynamic exterior lines and a cockpit-inspired interior designed for the pleasure of the driver and the well-being of the three passengers. The C SportLounge combines sporty driving style with high levels of onboard quality.

The noble styling of the C SportLounge’s bodywork is pleasing to the eye from the first glance. Pure, assertive lines perfectly reflect Citroën’s style codes. The original architecture successfully combines a powerful, sleekly muscled appearance with remarkable aerodynamics.
Powerful, flowing lines
The concept car has a sleek silhouette with flowing lines, but also gives a sense of power with ultra-smooth flanks, rounded at the top, and yellow body paint, which emphasises the vehicle’s sleekly muscled looks.

The determined look of the front end is enhanced by the wide air intakes and clearcut headlamps. The headlamps have swivelling beams, providing optimum lighting in bends. The large chrome chevrons on the smooth bonnet express the Marque’s signature. The large windscreen placed well to the front rises high and melds into the sunroof in a single unbroken line, offering a broad glass surface, enhancing visibility and letting in maximum light.

The profile of the C SportLounge reflects optimal aerodynamic design. The receding roof arch and attention to detail underscore the vehicle’s class and elegance. The flowing lines are highlighted by two chrome horizontal bars: one following the waist line and the other running along the bonnet up the top of the front quarter-light. The C SportLounge also expresses strength and power through generous volumes, stressed by well-defined wheel arches and 20-inch aluminium wheels.

The powerful design of the front and rear ends gives the vehicle a determined, powerful appearance. The concept car has boomerang-shaped LED headlamps and two chrome exhaust pipes.

At the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show, Citroën presented a new generation of the grand touring car, with the C-SportLounge concept car, a car which stands out with its bold, angular and distinctive body style. Aerodynamic exterior lines and an aircraft cockpit-inspired interior designed for the pleasure of the driver and the comfort of the three passengers.

Citroen took special care regarding the air flow around the C-Sportlounge, resulting in a drag coefficient of just 0.26.

The front end of the C-Sportlounge is complimented by the multiple air intakes and stretched headlamps running up in front of the mirrors. The expansive windscreen melds into the sunroof in an unbroken line, offering a broad glass surface, enhancing visibility and aesthetics.
With suicide doors at the rear, the C-SportLounge offers offers maximum accessibility for its size.

The steering wheel incorporates paddle shift controls for gear selection and the driver’s seat and central console are attached, so that the automatic gearbox and climate controls are close at hand, irrespective of the driver’s seat position.

Scribbled on August 18th 2008 in Citroen, Citroen C-SportLounge
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