2007 BMW Z4 AC Schnitzer

The response behaviour is improved thanks to the sports rear silencers. Made completely of stainless steel with chromed Racing tailpipes, they also provide a more sonorous note than the standard system. For the M-versions of the Z4 that are fitted with a twin sports silencer as standard, as well as the Twin Racing system there is a further option of Sports Trim design. This design is reserved exclusively for M-vehicles.

BMW Z4 AC Schnitzer 2007

Faster and more precise gear shifts promote the adrenalin rush and perceptibly improve acceleration of a car. So the Short Shift has been adapted for the M-versions with manual transmission.

The Suspension Technology

During extensive tests on race tracks and public roads we have developed a complete suspension concept consisting of sports suspensions,
special anti-roll bars and strut braces.

In addition, exclusive to the M Roadster and M Coupe is a special racing suspension which is currently still in the development phase.

The Bodywork
An aerodynamic package has been created which sets even more sporting accents. The package consists of carbon front spoiler elements.
In addition, the new chrome front grille gives the vehicles a trendy retro look.

The vehicle rear is enhanced by a fully integrated carbon rear diffuser. This diffuser is available in two different versions of the special rear skirt edge frame which gives the finishing touch to the chromed tailpipes of the Sports Trim or Racing design, depending on which exhaust is fitted.

Of course there are a few fundamental differences between the Roadster and Coupe:
for the Roadster the product range includes a chrome cover for the roll bars, a windbreak in clear-glass style and a two-piece rear wing.

For the Coupe versions, a three-piece rear wing is available.

Whatever the body version, the side skirts form the homogeneous link between the front and rear.

An outstanding eyecatcher is the side deflectors with integrated flashers, which as an option can be supplemented with a chromeline set.

The Interior Exclusivity is the trump card in the cockpits of all AC Schnitzer ACS4 models: Beside the carbon interior in silver, and matching ergonomically designed AC Schnitzer airbag sports steering wheels, it is above all the aluminium accessories in silver or with black anodized finish, that set accents. There is also a pedal set with matching foot rest, a handbrake handle and a gear knob for the manual versions. For automatics, there is a carbon selector lever. Last but not least, floor mats with the AC Schnitzer logo, made from high quality velours, complete the range.

The Wheels

The suspension concept for all ACS4 Sport Roadster and Coupe models naturally also includes the AC Schnitzer Type IV, Type III and Type II alloy and racing rims in one-piece and multipiece construction. As well as a wealth of wheel and tyre combinations in 18″ and 19″ we can now offer the largest wheels for the M Roadster and M Coupe in 9.0J x 20″ with tyres 245/30 R 20 (front) and 10.0J x 20″ with tyres 285/25 R 20 (rear).

We recommend Continental and Michelin.

The difficulty of choosing: AC Schnitzer ACS4 Roadster or Coupe?
Now that the Z4 Roadster has undergone a facelift and at the same time the M-variant, the Z4 M Roadster, was launched, the model range has been completed with a new Z4 Coupé and M Coupé. Not only BMW but also we at AC Schnitzer are thrilled with the range of new Z4 vehicles, and present our interpretations: the AC Schnitzer ACS4 Roadster and the AC Schnitzer ACS4 Coupé. The complete range soon at your BMW partner:
Engine: Rear differential modification, ratio 3,91:1
Exhaust: Double sports rear silencer incl. chromed tailpipes in Racing or Sports Trim Design
Transmission: Short Shift sports gear change
Suspension: Racing suspension incl. lowering (25 – 30 mm), special sway bar sets, Racing strut brace front axle
Wheels: Light alloy and racing wheels Type III and IV up to 20”
Aerodynamic: Carbon front spoiler elements, chromed front grille, side skirts, rear diffuser, 2-pieced rear wing (only M Roadster), 3-pieced rear wing (only M Coupé), deflector set for fenders, chrome line set for deflectors, chromed cover for safety bar (only M Roadster), wind deflector (only M Roadster)

Modifications :


rear differential modification
ratio 3,91 : 1 (standard: 3,62 : 1)
(rear differential must be sent to Aachen for modification)

dual sports rear silencer incl. exhaust tailpipes, chromed tailpipe design “Racing” in connection with AC Schnitzer rear diffuser or BMW standard rear skirt
tailpipe design “Sports Trim” only in connection with AC Schnitzer rear diffuser

sports gear change “Short Shift”

“Racing” suspension
special sway bar set
“Racing” strut brace, aluminium for front axle

front spoiler elements carbon black
front grille, chrome only in connection with front spoiler elements
side skirt (set)
rear diffuser
for standard rear silencer or dual sports rear silencer design “Racing”
rear diffuser for dual sports rear silencer design “Sports Trim”
rear wing (set) (only for Z4 M Roadster)
rear wing (3 pieces) (only for Z4 M Coupé)
deflector fender (set) without chromeline set
chromeline set for deflector fender (set)
chromed cover for safety roll bar (set) The BMW plastic cover of the rollover bar will be replaced by the ACS curved chromed cover with ACS logo only for Roadster
wind deflector in clear glass appearance, AC Schnitzer fitting set and AC Schnitzer emblem, removable only in connection with AC Schnitzer chrome cover only for Roadster

Navigating the extremes in BMW tuning, Germany’s AC Schnitzer likes to have a good laugh once in a while, usually at BMW fans’ expense. First it was the Tension concept, a flamboyant 6-Series prepared for the Frankfurt show in 2005. This year, seeing it’s Frankfurt time again this September, ACS again has a headline. It’s a conceptual take on the Z4 Coupe, called the Profile concept. More staid than the Tension, the Profile is more a driver’s car than a footballer’s club transport. In addition to a typically flashy body kit, the Profile gets a full clip of ACS mods, including an engine tune to 350 hp, sports exhaust (natch) and track-ready suspension. It’s the perfect car for superhero sidekicks in training, if not second-string ballers with a penchant for skipping practice for track days.

The concept PROFILE by AC Schnitzer based on the Z4 M Coupé
Take the first ascent of the 8,848 metre high Mount Everest, the expeditions to the poles or the dive into the 11 km deep canyon of the Mariana Trench. There have always been individuals and extreme characters who have pushed our boundaries and discovered new terrain. An extreme region for automotive tuners, where only a few venture, has always been the BMW M-series cars, in particular the uncompromising Z4 M-Coupé, a thoroughbred driving machine.

But the fact that the limits of this extraordinary car are far from reached is evident from the new concept vehicle by AC Schnitzer – the PROFILE – even at first glance. Classic engine tuning hauls the power of the high-revving six-cylinder in-line plant to a robust 350 HP. Not only is a special “active breathing” airbox used, but the engine control unit has been remapped. But power alone isn’t enough to get the maximum from an athletic heart. So the modified rear axle ratio of 3.91:1 provides better sprint capacity, while the perfectly smooth transmission with the AC Schnitzer Short Shift ensures crisp changes by the driver.

And as you listen to the sonorous baritone note of the left/right sports exhaust system with the trapezoid tailpipes, you could be deceived into thinking that the driver is not changing gears, but playing some kind of a musical instrument. A feast for all the senses: Visually the stunning colour combination of white-orange casts its spell and perfectly enhances the exquisite contours of the AC Schnitzer bodykit. From the front skirt with its suggestive cup-wings via the widened wheelarches and flanks with the gill-like vents – as already used on the legendary BMW 507- the dynamic line is drawn over the bulging side skirts to the rear skirt with carbon diffuser. The whole is crowned by a rear spoiler and a fascinatingly styled roof wing. The forged alloy Type V wheels from the standard AC Schnitzer collection are a work of art in themselves. Filigree design yet with an air of solidity, in size 9.0J x 20″ at the front and 10.0J x 20″ at the rear, these wheels are the perfect adornment combined with tyres size 235/30 ZR 20 front and 295/25 ZR 20 rear.

But traction alone isn’t everything, and the dynamics are supported by the AC Schnitzer suspension with its racing heritage, set up in the Green Hell of the Nürburgring. An aluminium strut brace in “Racing” style not only catches the eye but limits the torsion of the front body.

Scribbled on June 23rd 2008 in BMW, BMW Z4
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