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Honda debuted a Type R concept for the European Civic at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show; the Type R has a 2.0 litre 201 bhp (150 kW) at 7800 rpm I4. The suspension uses McPherson struts up front and a torsion beam in the back, while the car itself was initially thought to be lighter than the standard Civic as dictated by Honda Type R philosophy. Sophisticated handling aids such as traction control were initially thought to be completely eschewed for a purer, more soulful driving character. In the end, Honda did include a special version of their VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) that was specifically tuned to the car so as to better adhere to said philosophy. The Type R went on sale in the UK in February or March 2007, and is scheduled to reach Australia in July the same year. The European Civic Type R also went on sale in Brunei.The JDM/ASIAN(ex. China) market 4-door Civic Type R went on sale on March 29, 2007. The Type R powered by an uprated K20A 2.0 litre iVTEC engine producing 225 PS (165 kW) at 8000 rpm (Available in Japan and Malaysia only), while the other JDM markets have 201 bhp (150 kW) at 7800 rpm and comes with a specially tuned sports suspension that includes new Brembo brakes. The prototype Type R was used as the official car of the Formula 1 2006 Japanese Grand Prix. This will mark the first time that Honda will produce two separate distinct Civic Type R models.

Mugen’s Civic RR which is the Type R sedans uprated model is available in Japan. The Mugen RR sheds an additional 10kg (22 lbs) off the standard Civic Type R’s weight, coming in at 2,733 lb (1,240 kg). In addition to the weight loss, the freer-breathing Mugen RR picks up 15 horsepower (11 kW) over the regular Type R. It’s rated at 240 horsepower (180 kW) at 8,000 rpm and 160 ft·lbf (220 N·m) at 7,000 rpm.

Complementing the added power and decreased weight are a new bodykit, upgraded brakes all around, a retuned suspension, new wheels and tires, and logo-emblazoned Recaro sport buckets. Availability is limited to 300 cars, all in the Milan Red finish shown, and the pricing in Japan has been set at ¥4,777,500 ($38,750 USD).

2008 Honda Civic Type-R - www.robson.m3rlin.org

IF you’re taking the time to read this you’ll probably know about the Honda Civic Type–R – its reputation goes before it.
That’s because the cars from the Honda stable deemed fit for the red ‘H’ badge have never failed to impress.

The ‘R’ affixed to the Type stands, of course, for racing. It is the equivalent of an archers two bow-fingered salute to all and sundry.
It is an instant indication that the car will be lean, taught, quick and aggressive.
In 2001, the outgoing Civic Type-R was launched and was all of the above and more.

It was raucous and the suspension was stiff bordering on uncomfortable. The V-TEC engine was a rev-happy gem of a unit and the close-knit ‘box put race-day feel into the driver’s grasp.
It was in fact the second coming of the hot hatch. People were harping back to the original Golf and Peugeot 205 GTis.
It scooped so many industry awards it became embarrassing and so its successor had to be special or face obscurity.

Honda has not disappointed. When the first images of the new Type–R hit the press it sent rivals skittling.
It’s edgy lines, sharp contours, and sleek styling touches made it an instant hit.
In its yellow paintwork the cry from pun lovers was ‘mustard’ but that didn’t really tell us very much about its credentials.

The truth is that in comparison with its predecessor, which I absolutely adore, the new Civic Type-R is more of a French mustard than an English.

It’s milder and easier on the palette – much less likely to shoot up your nose making water gush from every orifice.
The ride is softer, the gears are longer and the V-TEC engine works across a broader range of engine revolutions.
I say the ride is ‘softer’. To the majority of people it will feel just that in comparison with the 2001 model.

Your connoisseur of chassis though will tell you it is not softer, it’s merely better damped and more dynamic.
Honda has also plumped for a torsion-based rear suspension set-up over an independent version.
This all makes this car an absolute phenomenon in the corners. It feels totally wired into the road in a way I’ve rarely experienced.

Lift off before an apex and the shift in the car’s centre of gravity, which would have some of the lardier ‘hot hatches’ in the sector barrelling for the hedge bottom, is nowhere to be seen.

Not that you’ll want to lift off. This 2-litre iV-TEC engine is naturally aspirated for a smooth power delivery.
It also has two camshafts. This the car’s piece de resistance which is every petrol heads joie do vivre.

Essentially, operating on two cams gives you the best of both worlds.
On the one hand you can potter about in the way the Civic was previously renowned, or, you can floor it and when the red light illuminates on the dashboard you’re on your way to unleashing the full 201bhp which comes screaming in at a peak of 7,800 revs.

Other performace hatches can only dream of such falsetto engine notes.
You’ll hit 60mph in 6.6seconds and will be on your way to a top speed of 146mph. All this in tandem with a 31mpg combined fuel figure. Impressive eh?
Inside the layout is modern and funky and belies the car’s £17,627 opening price tag.

You could and should opt for the GT version – £1,000 extra – for front fog lights, dual-zone climate control, cruise control, side curtain airbags, a lockable glovebox, power-folding door mirrors and automatic headlights.
If you love driving for driving’s sake – you’ll love this car.

Scribbled on March 18th 2009 in Honda, Honda Civic Type-R
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