2008 Opel GTC Concept Car

General Motors will exhibit the Opel Gran Turismo Coupe (GTC) concept at the Geneva Motor Show this week. Powered by a 300 horsepower turbocharged V6, the all-wheel-drive GTC is based on the next-generation Vectra’s platform.

Given Opel’s close ties to Saturn, it’s safe to assume the concept will be relevant to the American brand, too.

It’s not known hose closely the GTC reflects the new Vectra’s design direction. It’s also unclear if Opel plans to offer Vectra coupe. A two-door called the Opel Calibra was offered between 1989 and 1997, based directly on the Vectra.

Opel took the official wraps off their new hotness, the Gran Turismo Concept, and if there’s anything that could get Opel’s sexyback, this is it. As far as concepts go, it’s not the most radical design, but it probably gives the best hint at the future of the Opel abroad and possibly Saturn here at home. It’s a stunner and now we’ve got live pics. Check ’em in the gallery and keep coming back for more from Geneva as the day progresses.

On the eve of the first press day of the Geneva Motor Show, General Motors’ European subsidiary, Opel, unveiled its GTC concept car that strongly hints at the next-generation Vectra and, according to GM’s European head of design, Bryan Nesbitt, speaks a new design language for Opel in the future.

Saturn is basing its vehicles on Opel models and Opel designs. And vice versa. The Aura, which won the 2007 North American Car of the Year award from journalists, is based on the Vectra. Saturn unveiled the Astra small car at the Chicago auto show last month; it sprang from the Opel of the same name. Saturn’s upcoming Vue is patterned after the Opel Antara crossover. And the soon-to-go-on-sale Opel GT in Europe is based on the Saturn Sky (and Pontiac Solstice).

Opel (Vauxhall in the U.K.) and Saturn are on similar tracks to success. Saturn, last month, reported a 60-percent increase in sales. GM, as it is in the U.S., is trying to reduce the number of fleet vehicles sold by Opel/Vauxhall in Europe and, instead, focus on retail sales. Opel/Vauxhall accounted for 78 percent and 1.56 million units of GM’s European sales. For the first time in history, GM hit the 2-million mark for European sales in 2006.

Scribbled on April 8th 2008 in Opel, Opel GTC
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