2007 Porsche 996 Turbo EDO Competition

The 996 turbo gets a new turbocharger, BMC sport filter, and tri-alloy catalytic converter that blow 585 hp and 575 lb-ft through the system. Newly juiced, your turbo will now get to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds, which is about as fast as the current turbo. However, another 6.2 seconds will see you to 120 mph, and you’ve got legs all the way up to an approximate 250 mph top speed. Keeping you glued to the ground are a front spoiler lip, the rear spoiler from the 996 GT2, and an adjustable suspension. When it’s time to get back to legal speeds, six piston brakes up front take care of the heavy stopping.

There may be a new model out on the streets, but Porsche’s 996 Turbo is still an amazing performance machine with massive tuning potential. Germany’s Edo Competition has applied its magic touch to the potent coupe, which thanks to the assortment of power upgrades churns out a supercar-rivalling 585hp and 780Nm of torque.

Top speed is now rated at 345km/h while acceleration times for the 0–100km/h sprint is just 3.7 seconds with 0-200km/h done in 9.9 seconds. To attain this level of performance, engineers had to add a new turbocharger for added boost pressure and then bolt on some breathing mods. These include low restriction induction and exhaust components such as the BMC-Sport air filter and stainless-steel exhaust kit with a Tri-alloy cat converter. And to cope with the power jump, the tuners had to apply a heavy-duty sport clutch kit.

Extra stopping power was then called for, so engineers added Edo’s own Sport-brake system with 370mm discs and six-piston-single block callipers up front. At the rear is a pair of smaller 342mm discs and four-piston units, with all cables replaced with steel flex brake lines. Other additions to the car’s rolling stock include 18in racing wheels huge 315mm rubber at the back and an RDK-tyre pressure control system.

Finally, attention was turned to the car’s aerodynamic package. New additions include a front spoiler lip with protective grille as well as a tail lid spoiler from the 996 GT2.

EDO Competition Porsche 996 Turbo

Technical Data

Engine: 6 Cylinder-Boxer-Motor
Performance: 585 HP/(438 kW) at 6.790 U /min
max. Torque: 780Nm at 4.530/min

Driving data

Top speed: approx. 345 km/h
0 – 100 km/h approx. 3.7 s
0 – 200 km/h approx. 9.9 s
Special features

– Increase performance to 585 HP

[Source: edo Competition via Motor Authority]
Scribbled on May 17th 2008 in Porsche, Porsche 996
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