2009 Nissan Intima Concept Car

Those are mighty highfalutin words. To oversimplify, we’d suggest this looks like a nice, comfortable car for old folks.
Which is not to say the Intima is not a handsome design. It just seems like we’ve seen this theme before, especially from some of Nissan’s rivals.

The Intima does look like a stylistic step beyond the big Teana sedan that’s sold in Japan and China (but not the U.S.). There’s a V6 clean diesel under the hood and such advanced safety technologies as distance control assist and an “around view” monitor.

But it seems that Nissan really focused on making the coziest cabin imaginable. “Refined elegance” was the development theme.

Highlights include four-zone intelligent climate control with infrared sensors, indirect lighting, a panoramic glass roof, a cool storage compartment in the rear center console, a swiveling front passenger seat and a “floating” instrument panel.

Among our favorite features are oversize door assist grips with a blue-green acrylic material that gives off a soft light, plus a pollen filter that uses polyphenol made from natural grape seed.

Last time I saw a car door opened at that angle it had been bent that way by a taxi, but here the Nissan Intima’s doors are opened to such extreme degrees “to aid access and egress.” The guy behind the concept was keen to impress that the outwardly rotating seats are not purely for use by the elderly and infirm, but are to help the rest of us in and out too. Quite how many able-bodied folk have the patience to wait 15 to 20 seconds to be dropped at the curb is open to debate however.

More likely to see production in the foreseeable future is the Intima’s clean diesel V6, outlandish lights, and perhaps even the expansive windshield cum sunroof. More pics lurk beyond the link.

The Nissan Intima concept car hints at Nissan’s new generation saloon that embodies the Modern Living Concept for car interiors. The Nissan Intima features Nissan’s Safety Shield* concept, including Around View Monitor and Distance Control Assist System (DCAS).

New-Generation Saloon Embodies Nissan’s Modern Living Concept, Providing Comfort, Relaxation, Fine Quality and Visual Enjoyment

Nissan’s “Modern Living Concept” for car interiors combines attractive design, hospitality, relaxation and high quality with
high levels of functionality and advanced technology. To date, the Modern Living Concept has been successfully featured in Nissan production cars such as the Teana, Tiida and Sylphy. Now, the Nissan Intima saloon takes the Modern Living Concept into a new dimension with an interior that invites passengers into a stimulating world of artistic forms, materials and illumination.

Nissan Intima is equipped with a number of safety systems based on Nissan’s Safety Shield* concept, including Around View Monitor and Distance Control Assist System (DCAS).
It also features a quiet, efficient, environmentally friendly V6 clean diesel engine.

Thoughtful Hospitality and Visual Sophistication

Nissan Intima is targeted towards consumers with a sophisticated, discerning eye for beauty – who enjoy spending time in refined elegance and comfort, whether traveling alone or with a partner.

“We designed Nissan Intima as a car that expresses the interior attractiveness      Gallery: Nissan Intima
Nissan proposes in the Modern Living Concept,” explains Product Chief Designer Kinichi Saito of the Product Design Department. “The inspiration came from imagining a situation where a person who has accumulated many life experiences and successes now wants to spend his or her own time, or time together as a couple, in an elegant environment.”

For example, the instrument panel padding appears to “float” in between the wood grain panels, the center console incorporates a “wave pattern” and large door armrests and assist grips combine to
give passengers a feeling of comfort and peace of mind.

Illumination is another significant element in orchestrating a sense of soothing relaxation in the Nissan Intima interior. Cabin illumination is provided by the indirect lighting incorporated in the instrument panel, center console, door trim and ceiling, and the door assist grips feature a blue-green acrylic material that gives off a soft light. The elegant mood is furthered by a lighted, convenient storage space for keeping a handbag or other small items, located on the inside of the front passenger’s door.

Nissan Intima also features a four-zone,
intelligent air conditioning system that provides a comfortable atmosphere for all passengers by independently controlling the individual temperature of each seating position through the use of infrared sensors. This advanced air conditioning system also keeps the interior of the vehicle clean by adopting a natural grape seed polyphenol filter that neutralizes pollen and other allergens. In addition, a cool storage compartment is located in the rear center console to keep beverages or snacks at an enjoyable temperature.

An Artful Expression of Relaxation

Traditionally, the expression of relaxation in a vehicle’s design focuses purely on function, such as in terms of seat comfort. Nissan Intima goes a step beyond that tradition to incorporate art extensively into the interior, thus taking the sensation of relaxation to an even higher plane.

Nissan Intima’s front passenger’s seat swivels approximately 80° to the outside as if to welcome and escort a passenger into the car and ample legroom is provided in both the front and rear seats for passenger comfort. Nissan Intima’s large glass roof, which appears to flow continuously from the car’s windshield, enables all passengers to enjoy a wide outward view, enhancing the feeling of a comfortable, relaxing drive.

An Equally Artistic Exterior

Nissan Intima’s exterior styling matches the interior’s artistic image, with a design that combines sharp-edged lines and organic panel surfaces. “The balance of these two elements creates a refined mood based on the ideas of ‘relaxation’ and ‘comfort,'” explained Saito.

Rich elegance is conveyed though Nissan Intima’s arching side character line, while the crystal-like appearance of the front and rear lamps, grille and wheels project an image of superior quality and refinement reminiscent of jewelry. The subdued luster of the chrome finish also contributes to the impression of refined quality imparted by all of the exterior embellishments.

“Nissan Intima demonstrates that art and functionality are not mutually exclusive,” said Saito. “There is a strong role of visual attractiveness in creating a comfortable, relaxing interior that is often overlooked. Nissan Intima, and Nissan’s Modern Living Concept, are leading the way in the advancement of visually stimulating interior design.”

A quiet, environmentally friendly clean diesel engine

Nissan Intima also features an environmentally friendly, V6 clean diesel engine. Designed to be in harmony with Nissan Intima’s relaxing, high quality interior, the new-generation clean diesel offers quiet operation, as well as enhanced fuel efficiency.

Scribbled on July 26th 2008 in Nissan, Nissan Intima
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