Audi A6


The new A6 (C6) was released in 2005. Designed by Walter de’Silva, the new model is visually an evolution of the C5, but is longer (492 cm), incorporates the new Audi trademark single-frame grille, and features more sophisticated technology. It’s design has been criticised, as the grill is almost exactly the same as the Rover 75 V8’s, which was revealed a year earlier. Most notable is the MMI (Multi Media Interface) which is a system controlling in-car entertainment, satellite navigation, climate control, car settings such as suspension configuration and optional electronic accessories through a central screen interface. This has the advantage of minimizing the wealth of buttons normally found on a dashboard by replacing them with controls which operate multiple devices using the integrated display.

In 2005, the new Audi A6 won the World Car of the Year award.
On the engine side the new FSI direct injection technology was introduced for the first time outside the race track. Although the line of engines represents the same progression as the former model, all engines were new. The Multitronic automatic transmission continues as an alternative alongside a new 6-speed Tiptronic gearbox available in the high end models. quattro permanent four wheel drive is available in most of the lineup, and standard in the most powerful models. quattro is not available on the multitronic variants of the A6 but is available on the manual and Tiptronic gear systems. Conversely the Tiptronic system is only available on the quattro variants of the car. The 6-speed manual gearbox is available with the 3.2L engine but not for the North American market as sales of C5 manuals were slow.

Like the previous model, the A6 is available with other body options. The Avant arrived during the course of 2005, while in China, a longer version was introduced in the same year, named A6 L. The allroad (now called “A6 allroad quattro) model made its debut in 2006 and as before is an off-road ready version of the Avant available with either a 2.7 or 3.0 diesel or a 3.2 or 4.2 petrol. The sporting S6 was introduced in the Frankfurt Motor Show, with sales beginning in early 2006. It is powered by a Lamborghini-derived 5.2 L V10 FSI producing 435 PS (320 kW). The S6 reaches 60 mph from a standstill in 5.1 seconds and the quarter mile 13.5 seconds.

A mighty RS6 will be on sale early 2008. This will be powered by a Lamborghini-derived 5.0 L V10 TFSI producing 580 PS (426 kW).

On the 01/22/2008 spy photos of the mid-life facelift A6 appeared on the internet. The images show a slightly redesigned front bumper, new rectangular fog lamps as well as bigger air-intakes to the left and right of the grille.

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