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Company HEICO Sportiv

HEICO SPORTIV North America, Inc is the official Importer for HEICO SPORTIV products in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. HEICO SPORTIV is widely considered to be one of the world’s premiere firms specializing in tuning components for Volvo cars, and HSNA is proud to be HEICO’s partner in this important market.

HEICO was conceived in 1995 at the world’s toughest race – the grueling 24-hour-race around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. HEICO was the first competitor to start this race with a station wagon – the Volvo 850 T5. It was this commitment which enabled HEICO to bring their first three products from the race track to the road. Since then, the “Green Hell”, as the Nordschleife is known, has become HEICO’s second home and the testing lab of the HEICO SPORTIV development department.

HEICO SPORTIV GmbH KG and Co was formed in 1997, and since then has built up a strong reputation for quality, innovation, and stylish products for Volvo cars.

Although the HEICO portfolio has grown to well over 350 products since those first race proven components, not one part leaves the production facility until it fulfills our rigorous demands in terms of the HEICO SPORTIV company values: history, racing, exclusivity and quality.

HEICO SPORTIV North America is headed by company President, Todd Henderson. Mr. Henderson is a 15 year veteran of the automotive tuning industry. Mr. Henderson’s experience includes stints at RENNTech, the Florida-based Mercedes-Benz tuning firm, the automotive import staple the Claus Ettensberger Corporation (C.E.C.), where he ran the West LA Corporate Showroom, and also time within the more traditional resale environment of Aston Martin of New England, a Boston-area sports car retailer. Mr. Henderson’s experience with multiple tuning brands, including AMG, Brabus, Lorinser, AC Schnitzer, TechArt, Oettinger, among others, brings a wide swath of expetise to your HEICO purchasing experience.

Go with the leader in Volvo tuning – go with HEICO SPORTIV!

Todd Henderson



1972 Start in the Volvo world
1989 Volvo dealership
1995 Volvo motorsport 1997 HEICO SPORTIV founded
2005 HEICO SPORTIV North America, Inc (HSNA) founded


START Volvo dealership (Autohaus Hedtke GmbH & Co KG) since 1989
RACING motorsport with Volvo cars since 1995
DEVELOPMENT exclusive prduct development since 1997
COMPANY HEICO SPORTIV GmbH & Co KG was established on 01/09/1997
NATIONAL domestic sales through Volvo Dealership network
GLOBAL worldwide supply in 38 countries on 5 continents
CLASSIFICATION DIN ISO 9001:2000-accredited since 01/01/2000
LOCATION Darmstadt-Weiterstadt (near Frankfurt / Main) since 01/01/2004
POWER one of the most sophisticated testing dynamometers in Rhein-Main area, since 01/03/2005


That which is ordinary gives the world is existence,
that which is extraordinary, its value.


RANGE complete program for all Volvo models from model year 1998 on
BRAND HEICO SPORTIV develops products exclusively for Volvo Cars
DESIGN all design elements are created in our own development department
PRODUCTION HEICO SPORTIV products are manufactured only by leading international suppliers
PROJECTS cooperative projects with Volvo Cars importers in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria
INDIVIDUAL assembling concept cars, customized leather, and entertainment packages,
special engine and suspension setups, racing parts


Quality is the opposite of chance.


WARRANTY HEICO SPORTIV products are covered by a limited product warranty
CERTIFICATE HEICO SPORTIV products comply Section 19 of the German Road Traffic Law / ABE
QUALITY HEICO SPORTIV is an active member of VDAT e.V. Germany
(association of German Automobile Tuners) HEICO products are TUV-approved
CLASSIFICATION HEICO SPORTIV has been DIN ISO 9001:2000-accredited by the
German Federal Motoring Office (KBA)
STANDARD HEICO SPORTIV products are designed and engineered to meet or exceed OEM standards
SUPPLIER HEICO SPORTIV suppliers are industry leaders, both in quality and technology
ORIGIN Made in Germany

Scribbled on June 1st 2008 in News
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