Hummer H2 and Hummer H2 Limousine

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Few trucks attract as much attention rolling down the highway as the Hummer H2. Its large size and U.S. military Humvee-inspired styling make it stand out like a sweaty heavyweight prizefighter attending a Friday-night knitting class. It’s also extremely capable when taken off-road and easy to customize with factory options and dealer accessories. When examined solely in terms of these qualities, the H2 seems like a stellar pick for an SUV.


Unfortunately, it’s burdened with some design flaws that make it ill-suited for everyday use. Though smaller than the original Hummer, it’s still quite bulky and heavy. This poses a problem on many fronts, from the obvious sap on fuel mileage to the more mundane trickiness of trying to parallel park or drive into a low-slung parking garage entrance. The truck also suffers from a less-than-competitive amount of cargo space, a short list of luxury features and mediocre interior materials.


For the right type of buyer, the Hummer H2’s strengths will outweigh its negatives. Those with a true need for Herculean off-road ability in open terrain or for towing a rolling billboard for a small business will find it endearing. For everyone else, our editors believe there are better choices available for a large, luxury-oriented SUV.


The Hummer H2 is a large SUV. Its creation came about as a desire by Hummer and parent company General Motors to offer something a bit more practical than the exotic H1. Though the H2 unmistakably apes its bigger brother in terms of styling, a significant amount of its hardware comes from other GM truck products.


Underneath the hood are a 6.0-liter V8 and a four-speed automatic transmission. Power is directed to the truck’s meaty tires through a full-time dual-range transfer case. Advanced features include a driver-selectable rear differential locker and a drive-by-wire throttle setup that changes sensitivity when low-range gearing is selected.


Through our Hummer H2 reviews, we’ve found that this vehicle has few equals when taken off-road. Thanks to nearly 10 inches of ground clearance, 42-degree approach and 38-degree departure angles, generous wheel travel and a protected underbody, it can roll over just about any type of terrain without getting stuck or taking damage. On tight trails, however, the vehicle can be difficult to maneuver as its body is quite wide.


In urban environments, such as densely packed highways, the H2’s size is also a liability. Its tall height also creates large blind spots and prevents it from being parked in some garages. Inside, the H2 offers comfortable seating for five passengers. An additional third-row seat is also available. Compared to other top large luxury SUVs, however, it is more difficult to enter and exit and is lacking in overall cargo room and interior materials quality.


Current H2 owners do comment negatively about these aspects, but they also tend to say that they are happy with their vehicles overall. They are keen on the security and comfort that the truck provides when driven on poorly maintained roads or rough terrain. They also defend the H2’s dismal fuel mileage, noting that it’s similar to other large SUVs or 2500-series pickups and more than made up for by the truck’s style, capabilities and customization potential.


The Hummer H2 has been on sale since its introduction for the 2003 model year and is still in its first generation. Because little has changed since then in terms of features or hardware, potential buyers of a used model can focus mainly on the condition and price of the vehicle rather than the specific year.


Scribbled on February 21st 2008 in Hummer, Hummer H2, Pictures,
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