Lancia Delta HPE Concept

Already having debuted at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month, the Lancia Delta HPE concept appears to point the way to a new production Delta. Lancia says the car’s engine bay will swallow a number of different powerplants–gasoline or diesel–hooked to automatic or six-speed manual transmissions. The funky four-door hatchback has a sliding second row of seating as well as the joint Fiat (Lancia’s parent company)/Microsoft Blue&Me system, which features Bluetooth and USB connectivity for cell phones and portable music players.


The Lancia Delta HPE concept was premiered at the 2006 Venice International Film Festival.

The Delta HPE concept takes inspiration from the Lancia Beta HPE of the late seventies. A similar sporty yet practical vehicle.

The exterior styling of the Lancia Delta HPE concept is intended as a sampler of future Lancia designs. With original and distinctive features like the “flying bridge” roof which overhangs the rear hatch, and a retro grille from the 1950s up front.

Inside the Delta HPE the passengers are offered many luxury and entertainment features including; MP3, Bose stereo, dual zone climate control, and a system called Blue&Me.

Blue&Me is a system developed through a joint venture between Fiat Auto and Microsoft. It combines the potential of Bluetooth technology with a USB port so that customers can play their own favorite songs recorded on their smart mobiles, their MP3 players or their USB flash drives.

Lancia Delta HPE Concept -

Lancia Delta HPE Concept -

Power for the Lancia Delta HPE concept is a choice between various turbocharged petrol and diesel engines. With both manual 6 speed and automatic gearboxes seen as potential transmissions.

Superlative quality of life on board, is the new model’s third trump card for top level motoring: the car offers great noiselessness when in motion due to its sound-absorbent roof – plus plenty of light due to a generous sunroof and side windows. And more: all the relaxed pleasure offered by a sophisticated Bose® Hi-Fi with steering wheel controls and the perfect interior temperature assured by an automatic dual zone climate control system. Comfort also means being able to rely on a roomy, versatile luggage compartment of over 400 litres.

The Concept Car also weds Lancia class and prestige with a hi-tech entertainment package, including an MP3 player and, above all, Blue&Me®, an innovative Windows Mobile-based system developed through a joint venture between Fiat Auto and Microsoft. This combines the potential of Bluetooth® technology with a USB port so that customers can play their own favourite songs recorded on their smart mobiles, their MP3 players or their USB flash drives.

The fourth Lancia quality is interior design. Lancia has always been a byword for Italian craftsmanship and the new car’s interiors offer a judicious complement to the original, sophisticated exterior lines of its models. The new Concept car is no exception: the passenger compartment, produced by the Lancia Style Centre, is a veritable lounge, where the facia, door panels and front and rear seats are the highest expression of Italian exclusivity.

And more. The fifth value, strictly linked to the design of the interior, is the use of top-quality materials that are used not only for their looks, but also the touch sensations they offer: including wood trim, chrome detailing, Alcantara and leather upholstery and velour mats.

Lancia Delta HPE Concept -

Lancia Delta HPE Concept -

Finally, the Delta HPE Concept Car is designed to be equipped with a wide selection of petrol and diesel engines, all turbocharged and combined with 6 speed manual and robotised gearboxes with power ratings ranging from 120 bhp to over 200 bhp, plus tried and tested mechanicals optimised for comfort and handling by means of SDC suspension (with electronic damping control) to further enhance driving satisfaction

Scribbled on May 6th 2007 in Lancia, Lancia Delta HPE, Pictures
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