Marcos TSO RT


The Marcos TSO is a lightweight, high performance race inspired sportscar powered by the same 5.7 litre V8 engine found in the Chevrolet Corvette, albeit with some performance upgrades.marcos-tso-rt-1.jpg

The Marcos TSO uses a lightweight space frame chassis designed by automotive engineering and race specialists Prodrive. It provides excellent road holding and high speed stability while the adjustable suspension provides the flexibility to match individual driving styles. The complete chassis and engine is integrated with a GRP composite semi-monocoque body that yields an extremely lightweight vehicle with excellent torsional rigidity and crash protection.


The Marcos TSO can be tailored to suit individual buyers tastes.

Features include:
• Electrically Adjustable pedal box
• Adjustable steering column
• Electrically operated windows
• Remote control central locking
• Adjustable Ride Height
• 17 inch Alloy Wheels
• Tinted Windows
• Heated Windscreen
• Electric Mirrors
• Lined Hood
• High Intensity Rear Brake Light
• Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust System


Options include:
• Satellite Navigation
• Air Conditioning
• Full Leather Interior
• Alloy or Wooden Dash
• Heated Seats
• Adjustable Lumbar Support
• 18 inch Alloy Wheels
• Adjustable Dampers
• Engine Start Button
• Driving Lights
• NavTrak ADR Vehicle Tracking
• Limited Slip Differential
• Alternative Differential Ratios
• Special Paint Mixes and Finishes
• Performance Upgrade Items
• Extended Warranty


Marcos signalled a strong new approach to car development today with the debut of the Marcos TSO. Styled by Damian McTaggart who designed the Cerbera and Tuscan, the new Marcos comes in two guises. The basic car uses a 350bhp Chevrolet V8 hooked up to a five speed gearbox. The TSO R/T uses a 400bhp version of the engine coupled to a six speed gearbox.


Part of Marcos’s new approach has seen the introduction of Prodrive as chassis engineers on the project. Marcos have also taken up production space near Prodrive’s Warwickshire headquarters allowing further development on Prodrive’s dedicated test track.


Pricing is very much in Noble and TVR territory with the TSO priced at £39,950 and the R/T at £44,950.

Although overlapping with the current TS250 and TS500 the introduction of the new cars should begin a new era. The introduction of characters such as McTaggart and companies such as Prodrive is very significant. Funded and run by Tony Stelliga, the company now has the resources to transform itself into a credible manufacturer producing quality cars.



Scribbled on March 19th 2008 in Miscellaneous
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