Mini Cooper S


We’re there: after completion of all development activities, there is now a full AC Schnitzer accessory range for the MINI. A performance upgrade for the MINI Cooper S, an aerodynamics range, suspension components with wheel/tyre combinations, and accessories for the interior – leaving nothing to be desired.



Thanks to the AC Schnitzer engineers, the standard engine which already developed a substantial 120 kW / 163 HP using compressor technology, has now been given a further boost in performance by optimising the compressor ratios and simultaneously remapping the control unit. After the AC Schnitzer treatment, the 1.6 l power plant delivers a powerful 142 kW / 193 HP at 7,000 rpm. Equipped in this way, the MINI Cooper S takes just 7.0 seconds to sprint from 0 – 100 km/h and has a top speed of 235 km/h. To improve response behaviour, the performance upgrade is combined with the AC Schnitzer special steel sports rear silencer with chromed tailpipe.


Of course it’s worth fitting the AC Schnitzer rear silencer even without the performance upgrade. But here the customer faces a choice. Two variants are available for the MINI One and the MINI Cooper: a twin-pipe exhaust system with two oval tailpipes in right/left combination, or a single oval tailpipe design. And for the MINI Cooper S there’s a third, exclusive version: a centrally positioned sports rear silencer in the new AC Schnitzer Racing tailpipe design.


Whatever variant the customer chooses, he’s guaranteed a throaty sound and attractive integration of the rear silencer into the rear of the MINI in all cases. The AC Schnitzer rear skirt not only integrates the silencer but also makes the MINI look much more powerful.


For the front there’s also a complete skirt which, with its generously dimensioned front grille and chrome frame, gives the MINI a new, brighter face. But the aerodynamic conversion doesn’t just provide the finishing touch visually. Made from high quality PU-Rim, it ensures better downforce and is easy to paint and fit.


The styling range for the exterior is completed with designer stripes and the AC Schnitzer logos “Technology & Design” available in white or anthracite.


The absolute eyecatcher – for viewers on both the outside and inside – is the AC Schnitzer folding roof which with its 710 x 810 mm opening almost gives the Mini that wonderful cabriolet feeling.


The MINI’s driving dynamics are further improved by suspension components which lower the vehicle by around 30 mm, in conjunction with the AC Schnitzer Type I alloys in 7.5J x 17″ with tyres 215/40 R 17. Spring kits are already available for all MINI models and will soon be joined by an AC Schnitzer sports suspension – currently however still in the trial phase. So it’s no wonder that the subjective driving impressions are similar to a Go-Kart on twisty roads or at high speeds.
For tyres we recommend high performance tyres by Continental and Michelin.


The famous “finishing touch” is given by interior components such as the aluminium pedal sets with matching footrest cover, the aluminium gear knob and the aluminium handbrake handle. Last but not least, special foot mats are available with the two-colour embroidered AC Schnitzer “Technology & Design” logo.


Retro but not old-fashioned sassy and practical authentic but no copy: Few cars have mastered the balancing act as well as the new MINI, the latest generation of which is now in the showrooms. In design terms it remains true to its predecessor, but doesn’t stop there technically. In detail no MINI looks like the next, because individuality takes priority amongst its owners.



Anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd of MINI owners, not just in appearance but also in performance, should turn to AC Schnitzer. The present focus of the tuner’s development activities is the new 170 HP turbo engine in the Cooper S, for which AC Schnitzer develops a performance upgrade. And when the driver puts the power down, the sound track plays loud and clear, thanks to the sonorous twin sports silencer with chromed Racing tailpipe.



Full gas to the next corner and through it at full speed! Touring Car legend Manfred Wollgarten set up the AC Schnitzer racing suspension on the North Loop of the Nrburgring – and it runs rings round the already very good standard suspension. You can feel the difference just with the AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit. But back from the track to the city: Out of the reflective glass facades flashes the face of a model athlete.


AC Schnitzer achieves this masterpiece with a few tricks. The front bumper has a new front spoiler. Painted in body colour, and with its striking prominent corners, it sets clear visual highlight. The sassy rear has also been subtly lifted. The rear skirt from AC Schnitzer, painted in contrast to standard, has a diffuser which effectively pulls the MINI down to the tarmac.


Two sporting wheel designs, the brand-new Bicolor wheel Mi2 in 7.5 x18″ and the Mi1 in the classic AC Schnitzer look in 7.5 x 17″, complete the sporting range. And naturally the enthusiastic MINI fan has a wealth of matching accessories for the interior. Such as the attractive controls and sports pedals of aluminium naturally from AC Schnitzer.



Scribbled on March 26th 2008 in Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S
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