Peugeot 908 RC

Peugeot 908 RC

Peugeot announced they would build the 908 chassis themselves instead of relying on another manufacturer to build it for them. Confirming the speculation that the 908 chassis has a closed top because a larger air restrictor is allowed for cars using air conditioning to make up for the horsepower lost in running air conditioning, the 908 is a closed-top car.

LMP1s will also be forced to all become closed cockpit designs by 2010 due to new ACO regulations announced on 16 June 2006, meaning that Peugeot may be ahead of the competition in their awareness of this rule change and thus designed their car accordingly.

Peugeot also felt that weight, centre of gravity height and operational problems drawbacks were overweighted by better chassis rigidity and aerodynamics. The body is a carbon fiber monocoque instead of a conventional open structure to offer better rigidity and lower weight. Front and rear suspension are linked, steering is electrically powered, magnesium wheels come from BBS.

The decision by Peugeot to build the chassis themselves has left Henri Pescarolo, who was looking for involvement in the Peugeot project, feeling that his future at Le Mans will be in doubt. The Pescarolo team has been strapped for cash since Peugeot initially dropped their engine program in 2003, and Pescarolo was looking to possibly run the factory squad, similar to the way Reinhold Joest runs the factory Audi effort. The car measures 4.65 — 2 m and weights 925 kg minimum

The Peugeot 908 will be powered by an HDi diesel engine of 5.5-liter, the maximum permitted by the regulations. Its configuration is a 100° V12, the angle having been chosen to lower the center of gravity. Its output has been revealed to be over 515 kW (700PS) and 1200 N/m (885 lb/ft) of torque, nearly 10% more than Audi’s victorious R10.

The use of the particulate filter is one of over a million particulate filters that have been used on Peugeot vehicles since the introduction of the 2.7 L HDi V6 in the Peugeot 607. 60 % of the cars sold by Peugeot in Europe are diesels, and even 70% in France.

Technical partners in the development of the 908 include Bosch, who will cover engine management systems and fuel injection components, Total, who will provided fuel and oil, and Michelin, the official tire supplier. The electro-pneumatic controlled gearbox is longitudinal with a maximum of 6 gear ratios, and the differential is self-locking.

Scribbled on October 19th 2006 in Peugeot, Peugeot 908
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