Porsche Cayman S


The 3.4-liter 295-hp flat-six-powered coupe is scheduled to make its first public appearance at September?s Frankfurt motor show before reaching North American showrooms early next year.


The two-seat Cayman S slots into the Porsche line slightly above the new 2005 Boxster, and in doing so it bucks Porsche tradition of pitching coupes at a lower price point than their more complex convertible siblings. It?s a strategy that has required Porsche to provide the Cayman S with greater firepower than the 3.2-liter 280-hp Boxster S simply to justify its positioning. At the same time, Porsche has been careful not to let its latest model?named after the caiman breed of crocodile found in Central and South America (rather than the Caribbean tax haven)?encroach on the territory ruled by the 3.6-liter 325-hp 911 Carrera.


In both power and straight-line performance, the Cayman S remains a respectable distance from its more expensive Carrera stablemate, although if word from the Stuttgart grapevine proves correct, Porsche is already considering a racing-focused stripped-down Clubsport version of the Cayman, possibly to receive the historical GTS designation. A less expensive base Cayman is also planned, running either the 3.2-liter from the Boxster S, or a 3.0-liter 260-hp flat six.


Engine :: 6 cylinder boxer, water-cooled
Displacement :: 3.4 liters
Horsepower :: 295 hp
at engine speed :: 6,250 rpm
Max. torque :: 250 lb.-ft.
at engine speed :: 4,400-6,000 rpm
0 – 60 mph :: 5.1 sec (Manual gearbox)
0 – 60 mph :: 5.8 sec (Tiptronic S)
Top Track speed :: 171 mph (Manual gearbox)
Top Track speed :: 166 mph (Tiptronic S)



Scribbled on July 25th 2007 in Porsche, robson.m3Rlin.org
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