Skoda Octavia ABT Ii Rs

Increase in power and sporty styling for the Skoda Octavia RS
Abt Sportsline has created power increasing tuning packages for the sporty Czech compact car with 2.0 TFSI engine. Through common chip tuning the performance of the standard 200 HP model is increased to 240 HP. In addition, Abt Sportsline�s innovative iS-technology is also applicable to this model. With iS, or intelligent Sport, the potential of modern control electronic is used in a perfect way and combined with a modification of the standard gearing unit, thus bringing about reduced consumption data. The Skoda Octavia RS with iS technology gains greater speeds at lower engine speed and a reduction in fuel consumption by up to four litres per 100 kilometres as well as a surge in driving pleasure at the same time.Maximum power is gained by fitting an exhaust turbo charger with intercooling. The Skoda Octavia RS TFSI now performs 270 HP at 5700 rpm. Maximum torque tops 350 Nm at 2900 rpm (standard model: 280 Nm). The Octavia sprints to the 100 km/h mark in 6.5 seconds (standard: 7.3 seconds) and top speed reaches 251 km/h (standard: 240 km/h).

Accessories for the Skoda Octavia RS

With wheels by Abt Sportsline the Octavia RS does not only look sportier but also more elegant at first glance. Wheels type Z4 are available in the size 17 inch and Z6 in 18 inch. In addition, the wheels type SP0 (18 inch) and SP1 (19 inch) are available in silver and titanium design. In combination with tyres they are sold, among others, with tyres 225/35R19 SportContact 2 of Continental. For everybody wanting to improve road holding of their Octavia RS and make it look even sportier, Abt Sportsline also offers suspension springs which lower the car by as much as 25 millimetres.

Scribbled on November 4th 2009 in Skoda, Skoda Octavia
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