Volvo XC60 Concept Car

Branding the future
From the enlarged iron mark emblazoned on an aggressive trapezoidal grille to super-sized lettering across a sculptured tailgate, the XC60 Concept boldly announces that what lies on the road ahead will be clearly branded Volvo.

Pump up the Volvo
“In recent years we have successfully emphasized the Scandinavian characteristics that base prestige on timeless, functional elegance. Now we’re elevating our design DNA to an entirely new level by literally pumping up our cars’ visual volume,” says Steve Mattin.
The XC60 Concept splices together the very best of two car types. Crossover signals like 20-inch wheels, accentuated wheel housings and aluminium scuff-plates emphasise unmistakable XC muscularity. While above the waistline, sleek windows and a dramatic roof line trace the profile and sporty charisma of an elegant, sexy coupe.

“At the rear, the expressive, sculptured shapes provide additional hints on the direction our design DNA is set to take. The contours of the tall tail lamps highlight the muscular shoulders and the tailgate’s trapezoidal shape is a further development of the glass tailgate in the Volvo C30,” explains Steve Mattin.

Future Innovations
The tailgate features an ingenious innovation. A lower section moves out and up over the upper part, creating an opening for small items without needing to open the entire tailgate. The upper part can also be opened separately, and the tailgate can be fully opened for the largest of loads. Equally innovative, is the tailgate’s darkened lower section. Transparent from within, it increases driver visibility behind the car. In addition, a transparent, dark-tinted glass roof attaches on top of a Y-shaped structure.

But it’s what lies in front that is truly innovative.


City Safety- Volvo Cars new, unique system for avoiding collisions at low speeds
Volvo Cars unveils a unique system that can help the car driver avoid the sort of low-speed collisions that are so common in urban traffic and in slow-moving traffic queues. If the driver is about to drive into the vehicle in front and does not react in time, the car brakes itself.


The system is called City Safety and Volvo Cars’ aim is to use it to help avoid half of all rear-end collisions.

Elegant, high-tech interior
The XC60 Concept’s interior design is just as daring and forward looking as the exterior.

The instrument panel and the new steering wheel harmonise with the iconic floating centre stack, which is angled towards the driver. Touch sensitive buttons and controls are integrated into the centre stack’s surface and an “invisible” screen for information and navigation appears only when switched on.


The saddle leather and aluminium interior contrasts a typically light Scandinavian upper section with dark, espresso brown shades below. This causes the slim, asymmetrical front and rear seats to appear to visually float above the darkened floor. Also featuring ‘pony-tail’ slots extending all the way down the back, the unique seats enhance ventilation and improve rear vision.


“The driver can see all the way through the rear seat and the transparent panel of the tailgate. This promotes added safety in a car type whose height may otherwise limit rearward vision,” explains Steve Mattin.

Six-cylinder bio ethanol engine
The chosen power train for the Volvo XC60 Concept is a six-cylinder, 3.2-litre bio ethanol engine with All Wheel Drive.

The engine offers the driver dynamic performance in the form of 265 horsepower and 251 lb/ft (340 Nm) of torque – with emissions of fossil carbon dioxide dropping by up to 80 percent when driving, compared with the same engine running only on gasoline.



Scribbled on July 14th 2007 in Volvo, Volvo XC60
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